SPARK Medicine provides it’s patients with supervised exercise and healthy lifestyle coaching.  We focus on how you feel.  Our medically-designed programs are geared towards preventing and managing chronic diseases including, obesity, diabetes, and heart disease.


At SPARK Medicine we provide Precise Body Composition & Personal Training.


We are also now offering Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment.


Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy is a medical treatment which helps the body to heal from many different things.  It is a natural process of healing where the body inhales 100% of oxygen in the Oxygen Chamber.  In the chamber the atmospheric pressure is controlled and increased. It is a painless treatment that is simple and non-invasive.  More oxygen in the body results in the enhancement of white blood cells ability to kill bacteria, allows new blood vessels to grow faster and reduces swelling.


It helps to treat many different conditions such as: Sports Injuries, stroke, autism, migraines, skin grafts, thermal burns, traumatic brain injury, exceptional blood loss and more.

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