SPARK Medicine can help you look great, lose weight the right and healthy way.

As we start out on any journey, we may not have all the answers or know what each step of the way will bring. We can’t wait for the perfect time to begin or the perfect set of circumstances to present themselves before we get going. We just need to start. One step will lead to another. Taking no steps, and doing nothing, leads nowhere.

At SPARK Medicine we know that changing your lifestyle and controlling your weight is a process that takes time. But you can control your life, and you can change directions. Just start heading in that direction. We provide personalized programs to help with your weight loss journey.


At our SPARK Metabolic Clinic we provide:

* Genetic and Metabolic Testing.

* Hormonal Testing.

* Nutritional Reviews.

* Access to Hyperbaric O2 and Neurofeedback Treatment.

* Body Fat Analysis.

* Regular Check-Ins and Coaching.

Book a consultation HERE today.  You have the rest of your life to get where you are going and to learn how to stay there. You just need to get started and to keep at it.

Ready?  Let’s go!